Executive Staff

Mark Brenzinger, Psy.D., is a Licensed Clinical and Forensic Psychologist and President of Midwest Behavioral Risk Management, located near Chicago. Dr. Brenzinger has a unique professional background, having over 15 years of experience working in a variety of settings, including as an independent forensic psychologist, correctional psychologist, and consultant.

Dr. Brenzinger has conducted over 1,000 direct violence risk potential evaluations and indirect threat assessments with adult and adolescent male and female clients and consulted on over 1,500 threat cases. His clients include Fortune 500 and mid-sized corporations, government agencies, academic institutions, and private individuals. He regularly provides consultation and evaluation services to the private sector. He assists corporations and their threat management teams in identifying, assessing, managing, and monitoring potential and actual threats to the organization, its personnel and their families. He also provides a range of training topics including workplace violence prevention program review, basic threat management team development, advanced threat management team training, and managing domestic violence and stalking in the workplace. Drs. Stephen White and Reid Meloy have approved Dr. Brenzinger to provide Workplace Assessment of Violence Risk (WAVR-21) short form training.

Dr. Brenzinger specializes in psychosexual risk evaluations with male and female adults and adolescents. He has conducted over 600 evaluations and provides expert court testimony. Clients include referrals from criminal and civil attorneys in both state and federal courts, religious organizations, child protection agencies, community mental health agencies, and individuals and families.

Dr. Brenzinger conducts fitness for duty evaluations with both public safety personnel and a wide range of professionals. He has extensive experience as a correctional psychologist including juvenile detention centers, adult jails, correctional facilities, and secure psychiatric treatment centers with both males and females.

Dr. Brenzinger is a Member of the Chicago Chapter of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals; a Member of the Chicago Chapter of ASIS International; a Board Member of the Cook County Sex Offender Management Board, a Clinical Member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, and he is an Approved Provider for Psychological Evaluations and Treatment for both Adults and Juveniles by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office - Sex Offender Management Board.

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Consulting Staff

Stephen White, Ph.D., is a psychologist and the President of Work Trauma Services Inc., a consulting group he founded in 1982 to assist employers with serious workplace crises. His extensive work in organizational trauma reduction led to his specializing, since 1989, in the assessment and management of workplace violence risk.

Dr. White has consulted throughout the United States on over 4,000 threat cases for numerous Fortune 500 companies, private and public organizations, law firms and their clients, colleges and universities, and law enforcement and governmental agencies. He has designed and provided detailed employer and campus threat management team training for responding to a wide range of potential risk scenarios.

Dr. White has testified before the California State Legislature on behalf of workplace violence prevention legislation, and has authored or co-authored peer-reviewed publications in the areas of stalking, workplace mass murder, violence risk assessment, and workplace trauma management. Dr. White, in collaboration with Dr. Reid Meloy, developed and published in 2007 The WAVR-21, the first scientifically based structured professional guide for assessing workplace violence risk. His chapter on workplace violence is included in The International Handbook of Threat Assessment, published in 2013 by Oxford University Press. Dr. White was among invited experts of both the FBI’s National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime and the American Society of Industrial Security to participate in their development of online and published guidelines for the prevention of workplace violence. He served as an expert panel member of the 2012 US Army-sponsored Workplace Violence in the Military Program, providing peer reviews of scientific proposals to study predictors of targeted violence across Department of Defense service areas. In recent years his consultation and training has expanded internationally to meet the growing global needs of corporations, universities, and law enforcement agencies.

Dr. White is an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, where he has co-facilitated professional development groups for medical students. He is a frequent guest lecturer at local, regional, and national forums for human resource, security, and mental health professionals, campus administrators, law enforcement agencies, and employment law attorneys. Dr. White provides Midwest Behavioral Risk Management clients with violence risk evaluations, case consultation and training services.